The Summerset Isles


Welcome to The Summerset Isles

    This is the official website of the Summerset Isles project.  Here we are striving hard to recreate the land of Summerset for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, to give players the chance to roam the plains in Summerset, visit the grand magical city of Alinor, and explore the hidden mysteries of the Crystal Tower.  Any help will be greatly appreciated, from lore to books to the creations of creatures.

Brief History on the Summersets

"The Aldmer, the progenitor races of all elves, arrived in Tamriel from their original home in Aldmeris or Old Ehlnofey in ancient times. We don’t know what precipitated this exodus or even the location of Aldmeris if it still exists today. Most scholars believe that the Aldmer settled Summerset first, and then spread out across the rest of Tamriel, but there is some evidence to support the theory that Summerset was only one of several initial settlements of the earliest Aldmer. In any case, Summerset became one of the earliest centers of Aldmer civilizations, which developed over thousands of years into the Altmer of historical times."

~Pocket Guide to the Empire; 3rd Edition

*A Word From One of the Summerset Leaders

    "I would like to personally thank you for visiting the Summerset Isles project website.  I hope that you gain interest in this project and decide to lend us a hand in our creation of the Summerset Isles for TES4: Oblivion.  There are plenty of people already working hard with this project, and more volunteers means that the Summerset Isles may be finished quicker than we currently expect.  Just imagine the land of the Altmer, and being able to travel to it and partake in it, and the best of all, knowing that you had something to do with it.  I encourage you to browse our website and forums.  There might just be something that'll catch your eye."

~ Lord Skorm