The Summerset Isles


    The Summerset Isles forums are where all the creativity and imaginative parts of this project are developed.  If you wish to partake in this project, then the forums are where you want to be at.  The General section of the forums are open to all viewers, but the interesting subjects are only viewable to members of the forum.  It is advised that you take a moment to read the following rules before going on ahead onto the forums.  Also, if you wish to return to the Summerset Isles website, there is a link under the General category, which is located on the first section of the forums.


Rules of the Forums

For the safety of our forums and viewers, we please ask to follow the following rules when viewing, posting, messaging, and/or replying in our forums.

* No Sexual and/or pornographic content
* No Hateful or abusive content
* No Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
* No Copyright infringment / hacking
* No Spam / phishing and/ or malware website

If you understand these rules and regulations, then please feel free to click at the link below to access our forums.

The Summerset Isles Forum