The Summerset Isles


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Maps of Summerset

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Books of Summerset

Altmer Gods

(King of the Aldmer)

The Elven Akatosh is Auri-El. Auri-El is the soul of Anui-El, who, in turn, is the soul of Anu the Everything."

A Dubious Tale of the Crystal Tower

"This story was first told to me when I was a neonate, newly studying in the Crystal Tower of Sumurset. I was admiring the famous animal pens of the Tower.."

The Blessed Isle: Alinor and The Summersets

"Not a single isle at all but an archipelago of two major islands and a dozen smaller ones, the land called Summerset is the birthplace of civilization and magic.."

Father of the Niben

"..the orders from the Crystal Tower, they were to sail forth for Eighty moons and then return to tell. Only Niben returned to Firsthold.."

The Firsthold Revolt

“You told me that if her brother won, she would be sister to the King of Wayrest, and Reman would want to keep her for the alliance. But her.."

Go Blades!

"Summurset Isle
  You have entered the gates of Dusk, the High Elven city of Summurset. All who journey here for the challenge, know that our team, the Executioners, stand ready to meet you in battle..."

Guide to the Psijic Order

"Early in Tamrielic history, a group of Aldmer rebelled against the changing beliefs of Summerset and left the isles. Calling Artaeum their new home, the Psijic were able to continue the Old Ways of Aldmeris."

King Edward

King Edward Series parts I-IIX

Origin of the Mage's Guild

"The idea of a collection of Mages, Sorcerers, and assorted Mystics pooling their resources and talents for the purpose of.."